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"Released in May of 2017, DiCaprio’s “Sleep In” single introduced us to a more dynamic and assured band capable of taking their dark, disaffected post-punk to captivating new heights. At the time, the trio was riding the crest of a new wave of Atlanta punk music, and while some of the momentum from that initial surge has receded, today the group look to reclaim some of that forward thrust with the release of an entirely revamped version of the single.

While the updated Sleep In features re-recored version of the two original tracks, “Sleep In” and “Hair,” fans of the group will be most keen to hear the two new cuts included on the EP. And, man, do they ever rip! Opener “Dog On a Hill” is the punchier and more compact of the pair, slowly shaping its rumbling bass and taut guitars into a single sinuous coil before allowing it to quickly unravel into a textured groove buzzing with ominous energy. “Numb Coast” is better still—a grisly, propulsive number that rattles forth with the cold, bruising intensity of Protomartyr. Throw in Janes Cumbie’s vivid re-coloring of the cover art and you have all the ingredients for a killer re-release and another bold statement from a formidable band eager to return to the fray.-Immersive Atlanta


AGENT: Kyle Swick - kyle@irrelevantmusic.net